iLuv TimeShaker 6Q Wow – Dual-Alarm FM Radio Clock w/Bluetooth Speakers, Wireless Charging Pad and Bed Shaker

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The Timeshaker 6Q Wow dual alarm clock allows you to set two separate alarms and offers 5 different alarm source options. Has a 3.5” jumbo LCD screen with 1.2” clock and alarm information with 10-level dimmer. Bluetooth stereo speakers play wireless audio from phone or PC. Features a Qi certified, wireless charging pad and USB charging port for an additional device.


The Timeshaker 6Q Wow is a good choice for people who are hard-of-hearing, teenagers, heavy sleepers and the Deaf. 5 alarm source options include; wired, strong vibration bed shaker, a buzzer, the radio or the combination: buzzer plus bed shaker or radio plus bed shaker. Bluetooth stereo speakers play wireless HD audio from your phone or PC. The dual alarm feature allows you to set two alarms at once so you and your spouse / roommate can go about your days on your own schedules. To quickly charge your Qi enabled device, simply place it on the top pad of the alarm clock. And at the same time you can charge an extra device using the USB port. No longer do you have to put your glasses on to read the time! The Timeshaker 6Q Wow has 3.5” jumbo LCD screen with 10-level dimmer and displays 1.2” clock and alarm information. Battery back-up is available to keep the time and alarm settings during a power outage.



  • Offers 5 different alarm sources
  • Qi certified wireless charging pad charges any Qi enabled devices
  • Standard USB charging port for additional device
  • 3.5” LCD displays 1.2” clock and alarm information. 10-level dimmer.
  • Bluetooth Stereo speakers
  • Battery backup available
  • Wireless Charging compatibility: Qi enabled iPhone, smartphones, tablets, or more
  • USB Charge Out compatibility: iPhone, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, headsets, or more