Krown KA-1000 Wireless Notification System for Door & Phone

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Ideal for those with mild hearing loss to the profoundly deaf. Krown's KA-1000 Dual Alarm Clock wireless notification System alerts you to incoming telephone calls, alarm clock, and door. 

By sound (adjustable, audible alarm up to 95 dB)..... By light (plugged into any table or floor lamp, will alert you by flashing light)..... By bed shaker.... 

The Dual alarm clock with wireless monitoring System includes a built-in RJ11 jack for telephone and wireless door transmitter, all of which will alert you by selectable sound, shaker and light. 

Additional features:

  • Dual Alarm Clock with snooze
  • Loud buzzer with volume control up to 95 dB
  • Nightlight and reading switch
  • Security timer for protection when away from home
  • Test switch to monitor all outputs for operation
  • LED display indicator for alert sources
  • Bedshaker
  • Selectable alerts include sound, shaker and/or light
  • Battery backup to alert you even in power outages 

    Additional receiver(s) model Krown KA-1000RR Remote Receiver can be added for other rooms.