Wireless Loud Doorbell Chime & Telephone Signaler w/ Flashing Lamp Outlet

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This is a wireless plug-in door chime that flashes a lamp when the push button is pressed or the phone rings. 

Not only does this unit flash the lamp, it also features a volume control switch for low/medium/high sound option, a three inch speaker, and can play six different melodies.

Flashing lamp control will cause the lamp to flash with the tones of the selected melody.  If you are using the optional phone transmitter, the lamp will flash in sequence with your phone ringing pattern.

The system consists of three pieces: the plug-in door chime receiver/speaker, a wireless push button, and a phone "extend-a-ring" transmitter with phone plug.

The receiver plugs into a standard 120V AC wall outlet.  On the top right-hand corner of the receiver there is 120V AC plug-in receptacle where you can plug in a lamp with an incandescent bulb.  This is an optional feature you DO NOT have to use in order for the receiver to work.  If you do plug a lamp into it, it will cause your lamp to flash in sequence with the melody you selected or in sequence with the phone ringing option (if you use the phone option).  The receiver also features a lamp on/off switch.  The receiver features a 3 inch speaker that plays a loud, crisp sound with capable settings of high/medium/low.

The pushbutton is powered by 2 3-volt lithium batteries that ship with the set.  It will operate at a temperature range of -30F to +130F.  The push button is off-white with black rubberized button.  On the front of the pushbutton is a tiny knob where the tune played by the receiver is selected.

The Extend-A-Ring transmitter plugs into a standard phone outlet.  When the phone rings, a wireless signal is transmitted to the receiver which will flash the lamp to the tone selected if a lamp is plugged into it.

Wireless Push Button Features

  • Easy to mount with double sided tape, Velcro, or screw in
  • Sound selection available on front of pushbutton
  • Operating range of -30 F to +130 F
  • Ships with 2 3-volt lithium batteries installed
  • 150' ft operating range (pushbutton to receiver)

Door Chime Receiver

  • Quality three inch speaker emits quality, rich, loud sound
  • Volume control of high/medium/low
  • Plugs into standard 120V AC outlet
  • Optional usage flashing lamp control will flash incandescent lamp when plugged in
  • Unit can be set to flash with lamp in the On or Off position
  • When wireless push button battery is low, a sound is played by the receiver
  • Plays six tunes:
  1. Dong
  2. Ding Dong
  3. Westminster Chime
  4. My Country Tis of Thee
  5. Hail Hail the Gang's All Here
  6. 12 Days of Christmas

FCC Certified, 250 Watts, 120V AC, Incandescent lamp bulb only