CentralAlert CA-360 Door/Phone/Clock with Remote Receiver

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The Serene Innovations CentralAlert CA-360 Clock/Receiver with CA-RX Remote Receiver is a complete, all-in-one alerting solution that notifies you to various events around the house. The CA-360 clock/receiver has a built-in flashing strobe, loud alarm and a powerful bed shaker. This package includes the CA-RX Remote Receiver for notification in another room.

The CentralAlert™ CA360 receiver with built-in alarm clock from Serene Innovations is an all-in-one notification system for your home. Combo 1 includes the CA-RX Remote Receiver with the CA-360.

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It alerts you to all the daily sounds in your home with add-on transmitters such as the alarm clock, door, phone, baby, and alarm sound from your audio alarms, warnings from your motion detectors and storm warning from your NOAA radio and more*. It has a bright built-in flasher, a selectable loud yet pleasant audible sound and a powerful bed shaker to alert you. There is no installation needed for the CA360, and all operations are wireless.



  • CA-360 Alarm clock
  • CA-RX Remote receiver
  • Bed shaker
  • Doorbell button transmitter 

* Accessory sold separately.