LRS On-Site Vibrating AlphaNumeric Pager

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Use up to 9,999 LRS Pagers with the LRS On-Premise Paging System, and send alphanumeric pages that'll notify the user by vibration, tone or both.
The LRS On-Premise Paging System is a fantastic solution for businesses and organizations looking to easily page their deaf or hard of hearing employees without a monthly fee. It can also be of value to any organization that wants to maintain a quiet atmosphere by eliminating the need for overhead PA systems. Custom messages can be sent on demand with the included USB keyboard, or you can set messages to be sent automatically at predesignated times. With no monthly fees, this solution can save your organization money and is a great feature for employees!

  • Pager alert modes: vibration, tone or both
  • Adjustable vibration strength
  • 4-line alphanumeric display
  • 250-character scrolling message
  • One mile range
  • Out of range indicator
  • Includes pager, belt clip, one AAA battery