Uni-Max Cell Phone Smart & Flip Phone Loud 100dB Ring Tone Amplifier

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Just set your cell phone, pager or smartphone inside the docking station and it will ring LOUD and CLEAR !

More and more people and companies are finding themselves in virtual and long distance personal or business/ clients relationships. Separated in space and often in time zones, they struggle to communicate at effective time, stay aligned, and achieve desired goals. A phone call and instant messaging have revolutionized personal and business communication. Getting in contact or receiving the message at right time has never been more required.

Uni Max will definitely get your attention every time your phone rings. No more worries about missing important calls whether you are sleeping or far away from the cell phone or in a high noise environment. And it's totally safe as there is no electrical connection between the cell phone and the mount stand.

Uni Max is suitable for:
Business communication, Personal VIP contacts, Long distance relationships, Emergencies, Urgent Notification, High noise environment etc.

Can be powered by batteries or AC wall transformer (included).

  • 70-100 dB volume range
  • 2000-3200 HZ frequency range
  • 1 minute, 3 minute, or continuous alarm duration