Clarity XLC7BT Amplified 50dB Bluetooth Cordless Phone

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  • 50dB extra loud amplification, ideal for those who have given up using the phone because it is a struggle to hear
  • Tone control defines and enhances sound quality
  • Pair up to two cell phones and experience the same high quality sound on both your landline and cell phone calls

This “Cellphone at Home” amplifies both your landline and cell phone calls, giving all your calls the same high-quality amplified sound Clarity phones are known for. You could also save money by cancelling your landline service, and use the Clarity XLC7BT with just your cell phone.

Connect up to two Bluetooth cell phones so both you and your partner can experience amazing amplified sound during your phone calls.



  • Up to 50dB amplification
  • 4 tone control settings
  • 15dB outgoing speech amplification help those with soft voices
  • Speakerphone in the handset
  • Extra loud flashing ringer
  • Talking Caller ID and keypad
  • Synchronized up to 1,000 contacts from cell phone
  • High contrast screen with large font
  • Backlit dial pad with large buttons
  • Technical support button
  • Expandable to up to 3 handsets - add phones in multiple rooms at a fraction of the cost (contact us for details)
  • 2.5mm headset jack
  • 3.5mm neckloop jack
  • Battery backup (batteries included)
  • Hearing aid compatible