Clearsounds Quattro Pro Bluetooth Listening System Amplifier with Detachable Wireless Microphone

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    • Wearable, amplified Bluetooth streamer for crystal clear cell phone calls


    • Smartphone compatible for easy listening to music and videos, make and take calls, and activate your phones voice command


    • Includes a detachable microphone, making it easier to hear in meetings, restaurants and sounds from a distance


  • Use with t-coil enabled hearing aids (sound is sent directly from the Quattro Pro to any hearing aid with a t-coil feature) or use with the included headphones

If you don’t need hearing aids, but need help with clearing up background noise and getting the full range of tone back, the Quattro Pro is for you! The Quattro Pro functions as a traditional personal amplifier, but also has the ultimate versatility. It is the ONLY neckloop available with a removable Bluetooth microphone. This offers the ability to hear clearly in social situations like meetings & restaurants. But the beauty of the Quattro PRO is it can be placed near sources of sound located at a further distance, so you can listen without making the environment noisy for others.


  • Works with all hearing aids or an amplifier if you do not have hearing aids
  • Better connectivity - utilizes latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology
  • Multi-point connection and stronger antenna produces excellent sound quality even when up to 2 Bluetooth devices are paired simultaneously
  • Range up to 33 feet
  • Connects up to 8 Bluetooth devices
  • Easily connects to your smartphone
  • Faster processing via upgraded DSP
  • Wireless, detachable Microphone for distance or noisy environments
  • Microphone recharges while attached to main unit
  • Includes headphones and 1 Lithium Polymer battery (required)
  • One year warranty