BeHear Now Bluetooth Headset Personal Amplifier

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The BeHear NOW assistive hearing headset combines the functionality of three existing devices into one:
1. Bluetooth stereo headset for wireless mobile phone calls and media playback
2. Assistive hearing device for enhanced intelligibility of speech
3. Digital hearing aid for personalized sound amplification

An integrated mobile app includes a self-administered personal hearing assessment that automatically generates your personalized profiles for each operational mode; ambient hearing, phone calls and audio play.


  • Advanced Bluetooth stereo headset, so there is no hearing aid stigma
  • Utilizes voice processing technologies; EasyListen- slows down speech dynamically during phone calls. With BeHeaR’s built-in microphones, ListenThrough will pick up important ambient sounds during music playback.
  • Customizable hearing capabilities and preferences.
  • Up to two BeHear headsets can be connected simultaneously to a single HearLink device
  • One year warranty

Situational Hearing Enhancement:
When You Need It

  • In-person conversations
  • Mobile phone conversations
  • Music/audio streaming
  • Television viewing
  • Movies, theater and concert performances
  • Outdoors, in nature

Customizable for Your Hearing Capabilities and Preferences

The headset itself includes a variety of controls to manage its hearing functions, which work “out of the box” for four different hearing profiles:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Crowd
  • Live Music

These profiles can be modified in real-time, based on the current sound environment and the wearer’s preferences, using the W&H BeHear mobile application. The application also includes:

  • A self-administered personal hearing assessment for automatic adjustment of the sound in each of the operational modes (ambient hearing, phone calls, and audio play)
    • Direct access to the video tutorials library
    • An option to set the balance between left and right ears
    • Assistive listening functions for phone calls and media playback
    • Various device settings, including default mode behavior, vibration alerts, and more