Bellman MaxiPro Personal, TV, and Smartphone Listening System

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Maxi Pro is a digital conversational amplifier with Bluetooth capability. Catch the conversation around the table, connect it to your TV or use it with your smartphone to amplify the caller’s voice. MaxiPro is three products in one!

The Maxi Pro TV system is a complete listening tool that connects to your TV, smartphone, tablet and radio. The same as the original Maxi, the Maxi Pro personal amplifier uses digital technology to clarify and amplify speech. It also reduces annoying background noise and feedback - all to give you outstanding sound quality. The system includes the Bluetooth enabled Maxi Pro conversational amplifier for dialogue around the table. And you can pair it with your smartphone to clearly amplify the caller’s voice. Together, the Bluetooth enabled Maxi Pro transmitter will stream sound in full HD-stereo to your Maxi Pro conversational amplifier. The TV streamer features both analogue and digital input and connects to the vast majority of modern television sets.


  • Bluetooth enabled to stream programs from your TV or pair/connect with your smartphone
  • Digital Audio technology provides clear and natural sounding speech without distortion
  • Up to 60dB of amplification
  • Includes a Bellman Headphone
  • Built-in Omni-directional microphone on MaxiPro Amplifier
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design uses soft-grip materials for low handling noise
  • Listen with included headphones or use a neck loop if you have T-coil hearing aids or cochlear implants
  • Two- year warranty on main units