Sennheiser A200 Personal Sound Listening Amplifier

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The Sennheiser A200 is a personal sound amplifier designed for people who may need assistance with their hearing. The system features a lightweight stereo headset that provides up to 35dB (decibels) of amplification. With stereo amplification via two integrated electret microphones, the user can clearly determine the direction of the sound source within an 8' to 10' radius. Dynamic headphone transducers ensure natural and transparent sound reproduction with optimum speech intelligibility. The A200 features an auxiliary audio input for connecting an external microphone or infrared receiver.


  • Can achieve up to 35dB amplification (105dB SPL)
  • Stereo amplification via integrated electret microphones
  • Integrated electret microphones allow the user to clearly know the direction of a sound source within an 8 ft to 10 ft radius
  • Built-in automatic limiter system reduces amplification if the user speaks or a loud or sudden noise occurs (user perceives own voice as sounding natural and unpleasant volume peaks are avoided)
  • Integrated base charger for storing and charging the A200
  • Approximate 12 hour operating time on a fully charged battery
  • Automatic limiter system keeps volume levels within a comfortable range
  • Easy to operate by anyone and customizable to each individual user
  • Auxiliary audio input for plugging in an external microphone or infrared receiver
  • Includes: A200, BA151 accupack (battery), L200 charger for accupack (battery), plug-in mains unit for L200, extra ear cushions, set of sealing tape for adjusting frequency response