Sound World Solutions HD100 Sidekick Personal Sound Amplifier - Single

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  • Provides outstanding audio for many situations: one-on-one or group conversations, restaurants, riding in the car, movies, plays and other entertainment
  • Slim style easily fits behind either ear
  • All day use with rechargeable battery
  • Choose from multiple pre-set settings to fit your unique hearing loss, or use optional cell phone app for even more customization

The Sidekick is an all-in-one listening situation that can be programmed for your unique hearing needs. It comes pre-programmed and ready to use right out of the box. Choose from three pre-sets to match your type of hearing loss and three modes to match different listening environments. You can also use the optional smartphone app for even further customization. 

It is ready to connect to any Bluetooth device, use it for hands-free cell phone calls, or stream high quality audio from your TV or music player. 


  • Includes one amplifier for those needing hearing help in either their left or right ear
  • Choose from three listening pre-sets: mild, more severe with high frequency needs or more severe with all frequency needs
  • Switch between three environment modes: everyday, restaurant and entertainment
  • Free optional app lets you self-measure your hearing loss and fine-tune the pre-sets to truly fit your needs
  • Easily adjustable slim fit goes behind either ear
  • Simple push-button control right on amplifier
  • Directional microphone for more focused amplification
  • Connect to a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone for hands-free phone calls
  • Connect to Bluetooth-enabled TVs or music players to have high-quality audio streamed right to your ear
  • Low battery alert
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides up to 18 hours of use
  • Micro-USB port with A/C adapter for easy charging anywhere
  • HD100 amplifier, medium and large ear tips, cleaning tool, micro-USB charger with A/C adapter, carry case