TV Ears 5.0 TV Headset - Receiver Only

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The TV Ears 5.0 wireless headset weighs only 2 oz and is designed to rest under the chin so it won’t mess up your hair, become hot, or uncomfortable. We have studied the geometry of the human ear and created an improved acoustic experience by changing the angle of the audio output in a more ergonomic style allowing for better audio reception. By setting the angle of the ear tip, we have created an unobstructed path for the audio to travel from the headset's speakers right through the ear canal. This direct audio path provides a much clearer and richer TV listening experience every time.

The TV Ears 5.0 Headset features Snap-Fit Charging, a new charging mechanism that wraps around the prongs in the charging base providing a more secure fit and ensuring a consistent charge every time. When the headset is placed in the charging base and pushed down, the headset will actually "snap" into place and the charging light will illuminate, helping you ensure that the headset is being properly charged.

Every TV Ears 5.0 headset comes equipped with 5.0 Slide-On Ear Tips that comfortably conform to the shape of your ear. These advanced Comply™ Foam ear tips conform to the shape of your ear to provide an acoustically sealed chamber that blocks distracting background noise while enhancing the clarity of the television's audio. The comfortable 5.0 Slide-On Ear Tips are easily changed by simply sliding them off the headset and sliding new ones on.

For typical use, it is recommended that the ear tips are changed every 6-8 weeks to maintain optimal hygiene and performance. Wax build up is not uncommon and may cause blockage in the ear tips resulting in diminished sound. Also, the longer the ear tips are worn and used, the dirtier they get. Keep in mind that the foam material itself will last a very long time, but studies have found that under typical use conditions, the best way to maintain best performance and cleanliness is to change out the ear tips every 6-8 weeks.

  • Comfort fit that conforms to the shape of your ear
  • Background noise reducing foam ear tips
  • Ergonomically angled ear tips for unobstructed audio clarity
  • Snap-Fit Charging for a proper charge every time
  • Advanced Compny™ foam technology
  • TV Ears 5.0 Slide-On ear tips create an acoustically sealed chamber