Krown 200 TTY with Selectable Brightness and Font

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The Krown 200 TTY is compact, lightweight, portable and easy to use. The display has a graphic 280 x 80 pixels, 2-line or 1-line. Choose from 8 different font sizes and 8 different brightness for the right display that works best with your vision.  


  • Auto Answer
  • Telephone Directory
  • One Time, One Step Set-Up Program
  • One Step Touch (911, Emergency, Ambulance, Fire, Police)
  • 24-column printer with three print sizes
  • 80 Characters in Lower and Upper Case on Display and Paper
  • One Step Touch Relay
  • 3 Message Buffers
  • Outgoing Messages
  • Date/Time Clock Calendar
  • On/Off Printer Switch
  • Interrupt
  • Remote Message Retrieval
  • Pulse/Tone Dial
  • Direct Connect
  • Acoustic Cups to Fit Round and Square Handsets
  • Call Alert
  • 32K Memory
  • International Speed
  • Programmable Electronic Voice
  • Heavy Duty Rechargeable Battery