Assistive Listening Systems

An assistive listening system for the hard of hearing – an ALS or ALD (D for device) – makes a wireless, electronic connection between the sound source and your ear or hearing aid. This “bridging” effect eliminates the effects of distance, background noise and reverberation so that you can hear and understand better. Because an ALS transmits the sound directly from the source to your ears or hearing aids, it’s like having the sound source right next to you. You no longer have to be concerned about how far your seat is from the speaker or loudspeakers.  Even if you are in the back of the room, the sound volume of an ALS can be adjusted at your ear to be as loud as you want, without at the same time increasing the loudness of the background noise in the room.  Even if the room is noisy or very reverberant, you should still be able to hear clearly, since the listening system is bypassing all the acoustical conditions in the room.