Alarm Clocks / Bed Vibrators

Shop for Alarm Clocks for Deaf and Hard of Hearing with the best selection of alarm clocks at an affordable price.

We understand that living with hearing loss means that you need a reliable alarm clock especially when it comes to waking up on time. No need to worry ! We offer the best quality alarm clocks for the deaf and hard of hearing to wake you up. 

Our wide range of alarm clocks will definitely make you feel confident about going to sleep at night and waking up on time. Most people don’t wear their hearing aids to bed so they need a vibrating, flashing or extra loud alert to wake up. We provide an extensive selection online of the best alarm clocks on the market for the deaf and hard of hearing to choose from.

We are a leading supplier of these products and ensure complete customer satisfaction. You can get expert advice from our sales consultants and service technicians who have over 30 years of experience with providing deaf and hard of hearing consumers with assistive technology.

Remember, standard alarm clocks are not effective for waking up deep sleepers or people with hearing loss. These alarm clocks for deaf and hard of hearing offer a combination of features, such as extra loud alarms, bed shakers, and lamp flashers that are sure to wake you up.

Discover old classics and new arrivals and Shop Alarm Clocks for Deaf and Hard of Hearing favorites from Sonic Boom, Sonic Alert, Bellman & Symfon, iLuv, and more.

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