Extra Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Wireless Bed Shaker

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  • [ The Unique Wireless Bed Shaker ] - Is the cable of the wired vibrating alarm clock on the market are either too short or too much hassle? This is a powerful wireless vibrating alarm clock, and it can easily wake you up within 32 feet, No wire, No hassle!
  • [ Very Loud Speaker To Wake You up ] - Easy wake by extra-loud sound, super bed shaker or sound & shaker, it is an ideal wake-up companion even if you are a heavy sleeper. Two levels of volume option: loud or normal beep sound.
  • [ Ultra-Large 1.8" Digits & 0-100 Dimming ] - Elegant 5.5" LED Curved-Screen makes it easy for you to see the bright red numbers from anywhere in the room. Adjustable brightness levels between 0-100 for comfortable viewing.
  • [ Dual Alarm & USB Charging Port ] - Features dual alarm, you can set two different alarms on the same day. This clock also comes with smart USB charger port to conveniently charge your phone or other digital devices.
  • [ Easy To Use ] - The top round buttons are big enough and simple to use


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112db loud alarm

Large, Easy to Read Font

The jumbo red digits on the display are clear enough to be seen across the room, making this ideal clock for seniors, adults, and teens alike. The full-range dimmer ensures the perfect illumination for your sleeping habits. As well, The black color blends in nicely with most home decor. Great for bedrooms, dorms, shelf, desk, table.

3-Levels of Vibration Intensity

The vibrator features 3-levels of adjustable vibration intensity (Weak/ Strong/Earthquake) to ensure a proper wake-up mode for you. The smart bed-shaker is small and compact size enables it to be easily placed under any mattress or pillow. 3 wake-up modes (loud buzzer/super shaker/buzzer and shaker) 

Adjustable Volume & USB Port

The volume slider of the nightstand clock can be adjusted to your preference, whether you are a light or deep sleeper.In addition, the digital clock features a USB port to charge your smart phone or other mobile devices while you sleep. Start your nice day with a fully-charged phone.



digital dual alarm

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Easy Snooze Function

The snooze button is large and easily identified and pressed. The snooze function allows you to pause the alarm temporarily, anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes. Plus, you can turn off the alarm by pressing any button besides snooze. Alarm will ring on the following day.

Dual Alarm And 12/24H Switch

The extra-loud dual alarms give you freedom to have two separate alarms go off on the same day without disturbing your partner, family, or dorm-mate. Time format can be switched between 12-hour or 24-hour military time, depending on your personal preference.

Outlet Powered (Not Battery-Powered)

The electronic clock is powered by AC 100-240V main power-supply. Just plug in the AC adapter to power the electric clock. In case of a power outage, the backup battery (included) memorizes the alarm settings as well as the time. During battery backup, the LED screen will go blank and alarm will not sound.


This loud vibrating alarm clock is perfect for people with multiple needs, especially for hard of hearing and deaf people, heavy duty sleepers or anyone who has trouble waking up with a traditional/regular sound alarm clock, etc.