Screaming Meanie 120dB Extra Loud Alarm Clock /Timer

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  • TIMER FUNCTION: What sets Screaming Meanie apart from traditional timers is its loudness! For 20 years, this has been the most effective travel alarm clock/timer on the market. Whether you need to set a cooking, fitness interval, medication, or feeding timer, you can trust Screaming Meanie to deliver! It is highly recommended for teenagers, the elderly, and the hearing impaired.
  • EXTRA LOUD: With two loudness settings, 70 and 120 dB, this alarm timer allows you to cater the volume to you, whether that be for a countdown or to wake up from your slumber. For reference, 120 dB is about as loud as a thunderclap or a chainsaw at close range. Because of its loud, yet diverse sound range, it allows the Screaming Meanie to cut through even the loudest ambient noise. You’ll never have to worry about missing an alarm or timer ever again!
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: The Screaming Meanie has been the most effective travel timer on the market. With a lightweight, portable design, it can easily travel with you, wherever you go! Whether you need an effective timer or alarm, Screaming Meanie has you covered. Since this handy device is powered by a 9V battery, you also don’t have to worry about electrical conversions when traveling in another country. Saving you both time, and money!
  • HIGH END FEATURES: The Screaming Meanie is housed inside of a durable, nearly indestructible case, so even when you throw it, it won’t break. It is conventionally powered by an included 9V battery, providing long lasting power for your Screaming Meanie. This alarm timer comes equipped with a countdown timer feature, ensuring that you never miss a medication or other important alert ever again. It also includes a pre-alarm feature, just in case you want to sleep in for a bit.
  • SIMPLE TO USE: This device is simple to set, and extremely easy to use! Clear instructions are printed right on the case for ease of accessibility. In no time at all you will be equipped with an extremely loud alarm timer!