Loud Talking Reminder Alarm Clock

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  • Increase confidence & independence for your loved one when going about daily routines. Peace of mind for you.
  • MEMORY LOSS? RECORD YOUR OWN ALARM VOICE MESSAGES They will love hearing your voice at a touch of a button. Alarm reminders for daily / weekly activities and medication reminders. UP TO 8 ALARMS - Messages will sound on a 30-minute loop system so nothing is forgotten. DAY OF THE WEEK is displayed in full words with no abbreviations. Helps to alleviate confusion.
  • HEARING LOSS? Loud adjustable volume up to 90 decibels. Flashing display to alert alarms. Amplify the sound further with External Speakers (not included). POOR VISION? A Large Clock 5.69” x 9.63” x 2.68” with Extra Large Digits -1.93” high. Big easy to use controls. Hear the Day, Date and Time anytime you need. Hear your schedule at a press of a button. This clock is great for those who love the independence of managing their own routines.
  • Great for people with dementia, Alzheimer’s, autism, mentally challenged, hearing impaired, sight impaired, teenagers and seniors. This innovative clock was designed with quality and performance in mind to help address the challenges we face as we or our family members age and need more care at home. This clock is AC powered. The battery backup is there in case of a power outage to retain the voice recordings and settings.
  • OTHER FEATURES: - Option for soft TUNE rather than the usual jolting alarm noise or your recording.
  • Speaks 6 LANGUAGES - DAY, TIME and DATE in English-USA, English – UK, Spanish, German, French and Italian. SUN or MOON icon to show if it’s time to get up or stay in bed. MUTE SWITCH – Useful when on vacation.
  • USB PHONE CHARGER – to charge your phone & other devices. This is a 12 or 24-hour Clock.
The talking alarm clock for seniors:
  • Connects you and your loved one through your familiar voice and reassuring messages.
  • Eases the stress of managing your loved one's schedule.
  • Eliminates anxiety about skipped medication.
  • Allows you to enjoy your time together.
  • Ensures your loved one doesn't miss planned social events.
  • Restores their dignity as they remain self-sufficient