Shake N Wake Vibrating Alarm Clock w/Dual Alarms

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  • NEW AND IMPROVED MODEL Those sharing a space with a sleeping partner will no longer have to worry about waking them when their alarm goes off, and those who are hard of hearing will no longer have to worry about sleeping through their alarms
  • VERSATILE USAGE This Silent alarm wristband watch can be worn on the wrist or even placed beneath the pillow to wake you up in the way that is most comfortable for you. Its lightweight design is comfortable for sleeping in without irritation
  • DUAL ALARM CLOCK Allows you to set 2 Different alarms at the same time with Both Alarm Time Settings showing on the main screen, with Snooze feature.
  • VIBRATING/ BEEP This vibrating alarm clock is simple to set and use, with easy control that allows you to switch between a vibrating alarm and an audible alarm
  • EASY TO READ SCREEN WITH BACKLIGHT Not only does this silent alarm clock wake you up, it can also remind you of various tasks you need to complete, such as medication reminders and appointment reminders, by vibrating. Requires 1 AAA battery (not included)

Whether you're looking to wake up without disturbing a partner or are hard of hearing and tired of sleeping through audible alarms, the Shake n Wake Vibrating alarm Clock is there to help. This Shake n Wake is a silent, wearable vibrating alarm watch that will vibrate to rouse you instead of playing any sounds. It is lightweight and comfortable, meaning it won't feel bulky and irritating when you wear it to sleep, and could be used as a travel alarm clock, You can also choose to detach it and place it beneath your pillow.

The readout on the screen allows you to easily set the alarm with the ability to set two at once. Just like any standard alarm clock, the Shake n Wake can be snoozed when you want a little extra sleep. You can also choose to turn on the audio on this otherwise silent alarm

It has a wristband included if you'd rather try and wake up that way. This silent alarm clock can also be used throughout the day to remind you to take medicine, call about appointments and more.