Amplified Phones Are the Perfect Gift for Seniors who are Hard of Hearing

Posted by Hear World on 14th Mar 2022

Amplified Phones Are the Perfect Gift for Seniors who are Hard of Hearing

If your shopping list encompasses someone whose hearing is not what it used to be, consider giving an amplified telephone or another helpful listening device available today! Inexpensive and easy to use, these products can literally be life changing for anybody with even a mild level of hearing impairment.

The telephone has turned out to be a vital part of daily communication for just about everyone, in just about every situation. We rely on the telephone for social interaction, conducting business, setting appointments, and most of us even consider our telephone as our lifeline in the event of an emergency.

But it is a different story for the hearing impaired. Most people who’re even slightly hard of hearing find that talking over the telephone can be a big challenge. Many seniors find that even if they can hear properly face to face, telephone voices can sound distant, muffled, and faint. And if there is any static or background interference, it is even worse.

For many elderly people a normal phone call can be an exercise in frustration & embarrassment. If the discussion is social, the unavoidable misinterpretations are annoying and inconvenient; in some cases, like a chat with a pharmacist regarding medicine, misinterpretations can be life threatening.

Though amplified phones and other helpful listening devices cannot restore the normal hearing ability of a person, they can allow the person to communicate comfortably, clearly, and with confidence.

Simply making incoming voices louder is a big help to make telephonic conversation feasible for some, but for many elderly people increasing volume is only part of the solution. People who are suffering from moderate to substantial hearing loss, pitch, frequency, and background noise are all critical aspects.

Amplified phones not just offer incoming volume increase, they also provide a wide array of features that can significantly improve speech clarity. Both cordless and conventional units with adjustable frequency controls, digital processing that filters out background sounds, and even tone correction features are available, many with volume amplifications up to as much as 50 db.

If you are in search of an amplified phone that offers needed amplification alongside advanced frequency, tone, and noise filtering ability, Hear World Communications has what you need. We have phones for seniors who are hard of hearing with the top brands available on the market.