Captioned Speech-to-Text Telephones

Captioned phones are ideal for seniors or people who are hard of hearing. The Captioned Telephone is an amplified phone which works like any other telephone with one important addition --- it displays every word the caller says throughout the conversation. Captioned phone users can listen to the caller and can also read the written captions on a large display screen.

Look no further when you are seeking the best captioned telephone online. We are a leading supplier of these phones.If you or any of your loved ones are suffering from severe to profound hearing loss, then communication could be a great challenge for them. You can opt for captioned phones which is an amazing tool to help communicate.

Captioned phones are specifically designed to enhance the understanding of everyday phone conversations. Standard telephones are usually not capable enough for a person with profound hearing loss to communicate effectively.

You can find a range of different models of captioned phones on our website which are designed especially for seniors and those living with hearing loss.These captioned phones are well-equipped with a number of special features, such as built-in answering machine, speakerphone, phone directory and more. They also come with adjustable loud ringers.

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