Speech to Text Live Caption Companion Tablet

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The speech to text Caption Companion is a portable 8-inch tablet with SmartMic that provides Deaf & Hard of Hearing people unlimited, real-time captioning right out of the box!


  • Provides unlimited, fast, & accurate real-time AI captioning right out of the box
  • Offers out-of-the-box accessibility for Deaf & hard of hearing people in educational settings, workplaces, voc rehabs, churches, school classrooms, retirement communities, museums, tours, conferences, and more!
  • No account, subscription fees, or internet connection required
  • Transcripts automatically delete after 24 hours; option to manually export or delete transcripts
  • An ultra-sensitive, lapel/lavalier style wireless SmartMic comes pre-paired & provides unprecedented accuracy & flexibility
  • The SmartMic is capable of picking up speech from 30 ft. away (for highest accuracy captioning, have the person speaking clip the SmartMic onto their shirt or blouse)
  • The SmartMic's operating range (distance from SmartMic to tablet) is approximately 100 ft. or up to 200 ft. with line-of-sight
  • AI captioning for up to 9 languages offline, or up to 81 languages when connected to the internet  
  • Add custom words to match the captioning to your specific use case, business-specific terminology, etc.
  • Ability to connect to a remote human CART captioner at pre-scheduled times (separate pricing)
  • Built-in kickstand supports the device in any orientation
  • Custom audio cable allows for a direct feed from any external audio source, allowing you to caption audio from FM systems, loop systems, etc.



  • Caption Companion 8” tablet
  • Pre-installed tempered glass screen protector
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Pre-installed kickstand
  • Tablet charge cable (charging + data)
  • Power brick
  • SmartMic (wireless Bluetooth clip-on lapel/lavalier style)
  • SmartMic case, charge cable (charging only, no data), and wind screen with rubber band (for outdoor use)
  • Non-metal lanyard
  • Custom audio cable
  • 3.5mm y-splitter adapter and earbud (for audio monitoring)
  • OTG adapter (to charge mic with tablet, connect separate accessories, etc.)