Futuristic2 Flashing Dual Alarm Clock w/2 Lamp Outlets

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The ONLY flashing alarm clock with outlets for TWO lamps ! 


The Futuristic alarm clock comes with a reading lamp switch and can make your lamp(s) either flash or steady on when the alarm goes off. The clock will also work with any AC powered 120V bed vibrator(s). 


  • Cool, sleek, and futuristic style---available in BLACK or WHITE
  • Select either "Flashing" or "Steady" feature mode for lamp use
  • Lamp ON button for lamp to illuminate the room, read a book, etc.
  • Fully dimmable 0.9" Digital Display (RED only)
  • Fully dimmable white built-in LED flasher on top
  • Dual alarms (ALM1 and ALM2) as "HIS and HER"
  • Dual 120 VAC outlet rear receptacles (for either lamp or bed vibrator)
  • Anti-tilt rear anchor bar extender for heavy transformers
  • Dual USB charging ports for smartphones and/or tablets
  • Functions and features were designed by the Deaf...for the Deaf (no audio alarm)
  • FCC approved, LADBS-ETL Safety approved 
  • Best feature packed value alarm clock
  • Size: 5.25" (W) x 6.0" (D) x 4.25" (H)