Krown LookOut All-in-One Door/Phone/Clock Notification System

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This all-in-one system has everything you need to alert deaf & hard of hearing people to the alarm clock, phone, or doorbell through their choice of flashing lights, audible sound, and/or vibration.


The All-in-One LookOut™ combines visual alerts and icons, audio tone and melodies, as well as a bed shaker to conveniently notify you of incoming phone/TTY rings, doorbell, and alarm clock alerts. Perfect for the hard-of-hearing and those who are heavy sleepers. Use all of the alert functions or customize to your preference. The best part? Set up is a breeze!



  • Alerts you up to 5 ways – through built-in LED lights, loud audible alarm, strong bed shaker, flashing words across the large display, and picture icons that light up when activated
  • 90 dB alarm – with adjustable volume and tone controls
  • Large LED display
  • Dual alarm clock lets you set 2 different wake times
  • 5v/1A USB charging port for charging a smartphone or other device
  • Bed shaker notification (can be turned ON or OFF)
  • Dimmer – Choose from auto or manual selection, & between 3 selectable settings
  • Bright flash notification (can be turned ON or OFF)
  • Icon notification for up to 6 alerts
  • Built-in calendar displays current month & day
  • 32 selectable melodies for audible alarms
  • Battery back-up – (3) ‘C’ size batteries
  • Low battery indicator for transmitters
  • 110/220v ensures your system will work not just in the US, but also abroad



  • (1) LookOut Receiver
  • (1) Phone/VP Transmitter
  • (1) Doorbell Transmitter with mounting kit
  • (1) Bed Shaker

Add additional wireless LookOut loud flashing receivers in other rooms (optional)

Add extra LookOut doorbell button for 2nd door (optional)