Nuheara IQBuds Personal Sound Amplifier

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  • Comfortable earbuds amplify speech for better hearing in different environments--home, restaurants, work, etc
  • Wirelessly stream music and audio from your cell phone or MP3 player
  • Selectively tune in or out the world around you
  • Hearing profile customization with free smartphone app

Enjoy a whole new world of assistive audio with life-changing Nuheara IQBuds! Selectively tune in or out the sounds around you with these stylish earbud amplifiers. Great for the office, dining out, travel, and working out. 

The customizable smartphone app lets you set your own unique hearing profile for different situations, like home, restaurants, street or workout. Change the profile with a tap of the earbud as you go about your day. 


  • Up to 12dB volume gain
  • 5 tone settings
  • Balance control between right and left ear
  • Hear conversations better in noisy environments, like restaurants, stores or casinos
  • Don’t shut yourself off from the world---blends both the audio and sounds around you for situational awareness (ie hear a car honk at you)
  • Wireless--move freely without getting tangled in cords
  • High fidelity sound to enjoy great music streamed from your phone or mp3 player
  • Control hearing profiles, volume, answer cell phone calls and music player controls (play, pause, next track, etc) by tapping the earbuds
  • Comfortable fit with 8 different sized earbuds
  • Sweat proof and water resistant
  • Up to 32 hours of sound amplification per charge
  • Up to 16 hours of music streaming per charge
  • Hardcase charges and protects your earbuds on the go
  • Earbud dimensions:1.14” x .85” x .67”
  • Carry/charging case dimensions: 3.7” W x 1.22” H x 1.77” D
  • Use with Android and iOS devices