Ultratec Supercom 4400 TTY

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Most Sophisticated Non-Printing TTY 

Power-packed with advanced capabilities, the Supercom 4400 is the most sophisticated non-printing TTY. Save and review conversations, Auto-Answer messages, and memos in its 32k memory. Store hundreds of telephone numbers by name - the Supercom 4400 can dial for you! Its User-programmable Relay Voice Announcer tells people they have reached a TTY, and asks them to use a TTY or dial relay. It even tells them the relay phone number that you have entered. It also includes Turbo Code for "real-time" conversations with interruption capability. Auto ID notifies everyone you call that you are using a TTY. You can directly connect your telephone line in one of two built-in jacks. You can even connect your own external printer.

  • 32k memory
  • Turbo Code® and Auto IDTM
  • Direct connect (with 2 jacks) to standard telephone lines
  • Built-in ring flasher
  • Auto-Answer (with programmable message)
  • Auto-busy redial, Wait for Response and 3-way calling
  • Remote message retrieval
  • User-programmable Relay Voice Announcer
  • Keyboard dialing, follow-on dialing, tone or pulse dial
  • Memory dialing/redial
  • Computer-style keyboard
  • TTY AnnouncerTM
  • GA/SK and arrow keys
  • Printer port to connect to external printer
  • Baudot code (45.5/50 baud rate)

Options (see TTY accessories):

  • Carrying case
  • Dust Cover