ADA Compliant Guest Room Kit Deluxe with Soft Case

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The ADA Compliant Deluxe Kit for hotels to provide their deaf and hard of hearing hotel guests includes a multi-function signaling system with bed shaker that alerts to the phone, door knock and alarm clock; a sound monitor for the smoke alarm; an in-line telephone amplifier; a TTY and a soft carrying case.

This Deluxe Guest Room ADA Kit is designed specifically for hotels and motels to help them comply with ADA requirements as they relate to accommodating deaf and hard of hearing guests.

It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive for your facility to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Other kit combinations available for your guests who are deaf or hard of hearing, or call or email us about customized options. Find out how many kits you need to make your establishment compliant with ADA regulations.


  • CentralAlert Alarm Clock/Receiver with Bed Shaker: The CA360Q is the central hub of the notification system included in this kit. It is a dual alarm clock + signaler, alerting your guests through loud audible sound, flashing strobe light, and/or vibrating bed shaker anytime someone is at the door, the smoke alarm goes off, the phone rings, or it's time to wake up.
  • CentralAlert Hanging Door Knock Sensor: Your guests can simply hang this over their door knob. When it detects a knock on the door, it will wirelessly send a signal to the CA360Q so your guests know when they have a visitor.
  • CentralAlert Audio Sensor: Simply place this by the hotel room's existing smoke alarm, and if the alarm goes off, the audio alarm sensor will detect it and wirelessly send a signal to the CA360Q. Your guests will remain safe even if they can't hear the alarm going off.
  • Telephone In-Line Handset Amplifier: Plug this into the hotel room's existing room telephone line to amplify call, making it easier for guests who have trouble hearing on the phone to hear their conversations
  • TTY Text TelephoneAllows your guests to make calls from the comfort of their hotel room
  • Soft Carrying Case: Fits all of the above items neatly for easy storage, with a handle for easy transport to and from hotel guest rooms.