Sonic Alert Bunker Bomb SBC575SS Dual Alarm Clock w/Bed Shaker

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  • Powerful vibrating bed shaker will wake even the deepest sleepers and those who cannot hear the alarm
  • Extra loud alarm is as loud as a rock concert
  • Selectable alarm modes: vibrating bed shaker, loud 113 decibel alarm or both

This camouflage colored alarm clock is perfect for any outdoor, military or law enforcement enthusiast. Buried beneath the sheets! Not after this bomb goes off! Sleep in close quarters? Turn the sound off and shake awake! The Bunker Bomb has an arsenal of features to make sure you get your day started on time.


  • Powerful 12V bed shaker
  • Red flashing alert lights
  • Adjustable 113dB extra loud alarm
  • Tone control allows you to choose a frequency that’s easier to hear
  • Dual alarm setting allows for you and your partner to wake up at different times
  • Snooze time from 1-30 minutes
  • Selectable alarm duration time from 1-59 minutes—make sure your alarm doesn’t annoy the neighbors all day if you are not home
  • Dual time settings (12/24 hour)
  • 5 level display dimmer
  • Battery backup maintains time and alarm settings in the event of a power failure up to 30 days, LED display will not show (9V battery not included)
  • New green power technology uses 60% less energy
  • Test mode for bed shaker and alarm