Wireless 1000 ft. Loud Flashing Vibrating Doorbell / Paging System

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  • 【Portable】 Wireless doorbell is battery powered and the receiver has a back clip can be placed in the belt or pocket to carry around. The range is 1000 feet, suitable for the elderly who are hard of hearing or anyone with hearing problems.
  • 【4 Alert modes】 Ringing + vibration, ringing + flashing light, ringing + vibration + flashing light , and flashing light.  
  • 【Intelligent】5 ringtones and 5 levels loud volume adjustment with range of 0-110db. 
  • 【Multiple Applications】 Ideal for teachers, the elderly, and anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing. The wireless doorbell is waterproof and can be used in homes, classrooms, companies, offices, apartments, schools, villas, warehouses, hotels, factories, hospitals.
  • Can be used as a doorbell or pager
  • Includes 2 doorbell buttons and 1 receiver
wireless doorbell


alert button for elderly

door bell ringer wireless

doorbell button

Adjustable Volume

This wireless doorbells has 4 pleasant ring tones to choose from. You can set a simple "ding-dong" sound or short music. With 5 adjustable volume levels from 0-110 dB, the sound is loud and clear so you can hear it no matter where you are.

Portable design

Ditching the traditional wireless doorbells for home, the receiver can be carried around to your dining room, garden, backyard and give you instructions whenever you have visitors.

IP55 Waterproof

IP55 waterproof, designed specifically for outdoor use hearing impaired doorbell that functions between -4°F and 140°F, this doorbell can operate in even the harshest weather conditions.


deaf doorbell and clock flashing light

deaf doorbell pager

classroom doorbell

Conveniently Battery Powered


  • Driven by 3 AAA batteries (included), the receiver doesn't occupy a power socket and can be installed in seconds.
  • It saves you from the trouble caused by power outages and remembers your settings even when replacing batteries


Easy to Use


  • 2 mounting options: screws and double-sided tape are included for easy fixing.
  • You don't need any wires. Very convenient and easy to install, just plug the receiver into an electrical outlet and the transmitter uses batteries (included).


Pairing Instructions


  • Press and hold the ringer button to make a "ding-dong" sound, then press the transmitter button to make another "ding-dong" sound, indicating that the receiver and transmitter are connected.
  • and then press the transmitter button to make a "ding-dong" sound to indicate successful pairing.