Serene Innovations SS201 Bluetooth Bed Shaker Alert for iOS

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  • Slips under your mattress or pillow, and wakes you with strong vibrations
  • Pairs with your iPhone
  • Set up to 8 alarms through the free iOS app

Oversleeping is a thing of the past! The SS-201 Super Shaker gently wakes you up with vibrations that gradually increase in strength. Compact size makes it ideal for both home and travel.

 Product Features

    • Easily set alarms or smart phone notifications for calls, texts, messages, and social media using the included App.
    • Sleek unit slides comfortably under your pillow; attachable clip keeps it stationary while you sleep.
    • Internal memory retains time & preset alarms independent of your smart phone.
    • No annoying sounds to disturb others.
    • Set up to 8 individual alarms for multiple days/times.
    • Battery lasts 45 days between charges with normal use; handy “low battery” indicator tells you when to recharge.
    • Portable & convenient for home or travel.
    • Automatically updates to local time when traveling—never deal with hotel alarm clocks or wake-up calls again!
    • Compatible with iOS 8 & up only.
    • Supports notifications for popular social apps, including: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, and QQ.