Ultratec CrystalTone Amplified Phone Ringer

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Ultratec CrystalTone Amplified Phone Ringer

An exceptionally loud telephone ringer, the CrystalTone Ringer is ideal for people who have difficulty hearing the phone ring. Adjustable up to 95dB, it is one of the most powerful ringers available. You can adjust the ring volume and frequency to the level that you hear best, and even set a distinctive ring pattern.

  • Features: Most powerful ring volume, adjustable up to 95dB
  • Light visually alerts you to calls
  • Tone Control lets you adjust ringer to the frequency you hear best
  • Choose from four different ring patterns
  • Easy to use - simply plug it in
  • Available in battery-powered (2AA) or line-powered model
  • Even greater ring amplification (up to 100dB) possible with optional AC adapter (for use with battery-powered model only)