Clarity XLCgo 50dB Mobile Phone Bluetooth Amplified Handset

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This extra loud (50dB) handset pairs with your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone and/or your Clarity XLC series phones so you can take it with you for amplification on the go!

The XLCgo amplified handset can be taken anywhere and everywhere your wireless mobile phone goes!  With the Bluetooth connection of your cell phone, it can be used outside, in the car or clip it to your belt. When not in use set the handset in its charger until needed. Along with 50dB amplification, the XLCgo has tone control, an extra loud speakerphone and a boost button.


  • Cell phone amplification everywhere you go
  • Works with Clarity XLC expandable family (XLC8, XLC7BT, XLC3.4+ and XLC4 DECT landline)
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • T-coil audio mode
  • Visual and audible battery indicator
  • USB-C charging port
  • One-year warranty