Plantronics Mobile/Cell/Cordless Phone Headset Amplifier

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Connect this Mobile Amplifier to a headset and anyone who has difficulty hearing - or who uses their mobile phone in a noisy environment - will enjoy clear and understandable conversations. 

Ideal for people with hearing loss or in noisy environments

Voice/sound activated turns on/off automatically

Works with most cellular, mobile and cordless headset-ready phones

Headset required (not included)



  • Clarity® Power™ technology increases the volume of high frequency sounds, the kind of sounds many people can't hear clearly on the phone
  • Hear every word up to 3 times louder... up to 24 dB
  • Works with most mobile, cordless and cellular phones
  • Voice/sound activated - turns on/off automatically to conserve battery
  • Belt clip included
  • Lightweight
  • Requires 3 AC675 type standard hearing aid batteries (included).

This amplifier works with most cellular and cordless phones with a standard 2.5 mm headset jack*

*2.5mm to 3.5mm Adapter may be required if your phone does not have a 2.5 mm jack