Williams Sound Personal PA T46 Body Pack Transmitter w/Handheld Microphone

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 Lightweight and portable, the PPA T46 can operate at a range of up to 150 feet from the audience. The PPA T46 transmitter is ideal for providing hearing assistance in the classroom, using in tour groups, employee training, business meetings and more.

The Personal PA™ T46 transmits in 72-76MHz, broadcasting a speaker's voice or audio program on one of 17 available channels to listeners with headphones, earphones or neckloops using PPA FM receivers, or the R1600 Williams Sound speaker. The unit features flexible microphone and auxiliary inputs, push-button on/off/mute controls, channel lock and selectable compression.

The T46 has the ability to operate in dual channel mode, allowing the user to easily switch between two different transmitting channels, each with its own set of parameters. An OLED screen displays the T46 transmitter's current operating status and menu information. Ninety day warranty on accessories.


  • 17 channel selectable, 72-76MHz
  • Digitally synthesized frequencies
  • Sleek, ergonomic design
  • 1-1/4" OLED interface displays: volume level, mic mute, settings lock, battery level
  • Easy-to-use menu-access controls
  • Mic input accepts electret mic with 3.5mm mono plug
  • AUX audio input accepts 2.5mm stereo plug (MP3, CD player)
  • Range up to 150 feet (45.7m) with PPA R37 receiver
  • Push button On/Off/Mute control
  • Flashing Mute and Low Battery indicator
  • Operates in Normal or Compress (2:1) mode
  • Mic and auxiliary volume controls
  • Channel lock switch
  • Belt clip for hands-free use
  • Uses 2 AA alkaline batteries, up to 30 hours battery life, or 2 AA rechargeable batteries, up to 20 hours battery life
  • Dimensions: 4.1" L x 2.8" W x 1.1" D
  • Meets ADA guidelines
  • Approvals: FCC, Industry Canada, RoHS, WEEE


  • PPA T46 transmitter
  • 2 AA batteries
  • 1 WCA 087 auxiliary input cable
  • 1 MIC027 Directional Handheld Microphone