SuperEar SE9000 Deluxe Rechargeable Listening System

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Sound Amplifier with

3 Frequency Tone Selection

The new SuperEar® Deluxe Rechargeable Model SE9000 represents the latest sound technology advancement in the line of SuperEar® stereo sound amplifiers. Model SE9000 is fully rechargeable and features a 3-position selector for customizable frequency.

Model SE9000HP

  • SE9000 Sound Amplifier with 3- Position Frequency Switch

  • Latest surface mount microelectronics for crystal clear stereo amplification of ambient sounds up to 50+ dB.

  • Volume Control Wheel

  • Rechargeable AA Batteries - 40 hours of operation per charge

  • 110V Capable Charging Cube with USB Cable Included

  • Unobtrusive, Discreet and Comfortable Over-the Ear earbuds

  • Earbuds Feature Matched Output Drivers to Deliver Clear, Crisp sound

  • Comfortable Stereo Headphones

  • Convenient Belt Clip

  • Lighted ON/OFF Button

  • 3 Year Warranty

Rechargeable SuperEar Specificaions