Long Range 1000 ft. Door Chime Extender

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This is a small 1000 ft. range transmitter you wire into your existing wired door chime.  When a visitor pushes the outside wired doorbell button, this transmitter sends a signal to a DCRXS Chime/Strobe Receiver or a VPRX Vibrating Chime Receiver.

The EXTX transmitter is capable of working with 1 or 2 door wired doorbells.  During the set up, when this transmitter is paired with a compatible receiver, the user will select an available melody to assign for each door.  That way, when the front door push button is pressed, for example, the receiver may play the “ding-dong” sound, while pressing the back or side door push button the receiver might play the four note Westminster Chime.

Product Features:

  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Powered by included lithium battery
  • Wires into existing wired doorbell chime
  • Capable of assigning melody to 1-2 doorbell push buttons

Works with the following receivers:

DCRXS Chime/Strobe Receiver

VPRX Vibrating Chime Receiver