Bellman Visit Door Chime Transmitter

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The Swedish designed Door Transmitter in the Bellman Visit Alerting System notifies you to the doorbell. When activated, the Door Transmitter sends a signal to the Bellman Visit receiver(s) for clear alerting. To install, simply attach the transmitter near the doorbell or intercom.

Approximate operating range in open field about 100 feet (33 yards); walls and other large objects may greatly affect coverage. Includes one 9V battery. Two year warranty.

What else do I need to make this work?
In order to be notified, you will need to purchase a Bellman receiver that lets you know when the signaler or transmitter is activated.(see below).



Works with the following Visit Receivers:


Visit Flash Receiver

Visit Loud Audio Receiver

Visit Vibrating Pager Receiver


Optional Visit Bed Shaker can be plugged into either the Flash or Loud Audio receiver to vibrate while sleeping.