Bellman Visit Door/Phone Notification w/Visual Flash Receiver

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The Swedish designed Bellman Visit wireless alerting system notifies people about important signals and alarms in difficult listening ­situations. With the Bellman Visit system, you can easily detect your doorbell ­telephone rings. Two year warranty.


  • Allows the user to move around inside and outdoors.
  • Visual flashing light alert.
  • Alerts to the doorbell and incoming telephone calls.
  • Portability: take this system with you when you travel.
  • Flexibility: add-on accessories provide other notification.
  • Wireless system; all batteries are included.
  • Approximate operating range in open field about 260 feet (90 yards); walls and other large objects may greatly affect coverage.


  • 1 Visit Door Push Button Transmitter: alerts to the doorbell
  • 1 Visit Telephone/Multi-Purpose Transmitter: alerts to telephone calls
  • 1 Visit Flash Receiver: table-top receiver alerts with a powerful distinct flashing light and visual colored light indicators on the receiver

    What else do I need to make this work?

  • This is a complete notification system that comes with all the items necessary for phone and door notification.

  • Extra Bellman remote flash receivers can be purchased.