Bellman Visit Push Button Transmitter

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The Swedish designed Bellman Visit Push Button Transmitter can be used as a doorbell or indoors for getting someone's attention by signaling Bellman Visit receivers (see below).

When the Push Button Transmitter is pressed, a radio signal is sent to a Bellman Visit receivers. Attach the Push Button Transmitter outside your door to use as a doorbell or indoors to get someone's attention. For indoor use and outdoors in sheltered locations. Includes one PX28A alkaline battery. Two year warranty.

Note: In order to be notified, you will need to purchase a Bellman Visit receiver  (see below) that lets you know when the signaler or transmitter is activated.


Works with the following Visit Receivers:

Visit Flash Receiver

Visit Loud Audio Receiver

Visit Vibrating Pager Receiver


Optional Visit Bed Shaker can be plugged into either the Flash or Loud Audio receiver to vibrate while sleeping.