Bellman Visit Magnetic Switch for Door/Window

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The Magnetic Switch connects to the Bellman Visit Telephone/Multipurpose Transmitter. When the magnetic switch is activated (doors or windows opened, etc.), the transmitter is activated and the user can be alerted through any of the Bellman Visit receivers.

3.5mm mono jack plug. 0.5 meter cable length (1.6 feet). Three month warranty.

What else do I need to make this work?
In order to be notified, you will need to purchase the Bellman Visit Telephone/Multipurpose Transmitter that connects to the Magnetic Switch. You will also need to purchase a Bellman receiver that lets you know when the signaler or transmitter is activated (see below).

Works with the following Visit Receivers:

Visit Flash Receiver

 Visit Loud Audio Receiver

 Visit Vibrating Pager Receiver