Long Range Alpha-Numeric Vibrating Pager

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This ALPHA-NUMERIC Vibrating Pager is part of a low-cost solution for small and large businesses. The system is typically used to notify staff using the Long Range Paging/Messaging Transmitter (sold separately) when they are needed or to inform them about specific tasks. The messaging system can be programmed with (77) pre-set messages or (23) customized 32-character messages that can be easily programmed on the transmitter and delivered immediately to hearing-impaired individual staff members or groups of employees.

The paging system is popular with restaurants, doctors offices, warehouses, retail and other service businesses managing employees that need to be accessible and on task.

The approximate range is 300-450 ft. (Repeaters can be purchased for extended range - Contact us for details)

You can communicate with 1 - 9,999 Alpha-Numeric Vibrating Pagers. The Long Range Alpha-Numeric Paging/Messaging Transmitter (sold separately) can page thousands of staff members with a simple push of a button.