Sonic Alert RH100 Sonic Siren Loud Audio Receiver

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The RH-100 Remote Audio Receiver will alert you by sounding a loud siren, making it ideal for hard of hearing family members to be notified of various events around the home....i.e. doorbell, telephone, baby cry, etc.

Adjust the RH-100 receiver's volume (up to 113dB) and tone (from 400-2500 Hz). It is ideal for hard of hearing family members.

The RH-100 plugs directly into your wall electrical outlet. The RH 100 can be used in conjunction with all Sonic Alert remote receivers and must be used with a Sonic Alert signaler/transmitter...such as:

DB200 Doorbell/Phone Transmitter

TR75VR Telephone/Videophone Transmitter

BC400 Baby Cry Transmitter