Sonic Alert HomeAware Doorbell / Pager with Blink LED Receiver

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The Sonic Alert HomeAware Blink Doorbell / Pager alerts you with a green flashing LED light whenever someone presses the pager button or doorbell at your door. Additional HomeAware Blink receivers can be connected for flashing in other rooms.

Leap into a new age of signal communications with the HomeAware Doorbell Pager with LED Blink Receiver System. With one press of the included doorbell/pager button the Blink LED Receiver will flood your world with a green flashing light to alert you that someone is calling you or is at your door. The most vivid and vibrant flashing receiver on the market today. The Blink Doorbell / Pager transmitter is included and links with the Blink LED Receiver. Multiple Blink LED Receivers can be added and connected for flashing in other rooms.


  • Receiver links to the included HomeAware Doorbell / Pager Button
  • Blinks green to notifies you to the doorbell alert.
  • Can link multiple Blink Receivers for flashing in other rooms.
  • Fully-charged battery lasts 48 hours
  • Battery charges completely within two hours
  • One-year Sonic Alert warranty