Sonic Alert HomeAware Fire/CO2/Phone/Clock Alerting System

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The HomeAware will wake you up fast and get you moving via the extra loud 110dB alarm, flashing strobe light, easy to read 2-inch scrolling display and a powerful bed shaker. From the moment you plug the HomeAware in, it begins listening for your smoke and CO detectors which will trigger the system to alert via light, sound and its powerful bed shaker.


  • Comes with a bed shaker and a built-in Smoke/CO listener that will alert you to your smoke and CO detectors in case of an emergency
  • Supervision to make sure all systems are connected and ready to send alerts for any HomeAware connected accessories (sold separately)
  • Connect your phone line to the back of the unit for notification of phone calls
  • Built-in alarm clock to wake you up
  • 1,000 ft range. Additional 1,000 ft range per extra receiver


Add optional transmitters to be alerted to events like smartphone, additional smoke/CO and baby cry.

Add optional HomeAware deluxe receivers , HomeAware basic receivers , HomeAware Blink Multi-Color LED Receivers , or a HomeAware Portable Vibrating Pager (wearable) to be alerted in other areas of your home!