Sonic Alert HA360 HomeAware Door/Phone/Clock Master Signaling System

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The HA360 Master Package incorporates supervised safety, security and peace of mind. Each time a transmitter sends a signal, text will scroll by on the HA360 Main Unit's screen that displays the alert, such as “DOOR”, “PHONE”, etc. 

  • Transmitter Alerts Scroll on Screen
  • Low Battery/Broken Link Monitoring
  • Virtually Unlimited Range
  • Compatible with Sonic Alert HomeAware & Traditional Receivers (with SonicBridge—sold separately)
  • Includes HA360 Main Unit, Doorbell Transmitter & Bed Shaker

The HA360 Master Unit will alert you to landline/videophone calls, doorbell and is a fully functional alarm clock.

Add optional transmitters to be alerted to events like smartphone, smoke/CO and baby cry. Add additional Doorbell/Multi-Purpose Transmitters for additional doors, motion detection, a "help / SOS" button, or as a replacement doorbell transmitter.

Add optional HomeAware deluxe receivers , HomeAware basic receivers , HomeAware Blink Multi-Color LED Receivers , or a HomeAware Portable Vibrating Pager (wearable) to be alerted in other areas of your home! 

Never worry about missing an alert! The revolutionary TruAlert™ D-RF monitoring technology checks your system every 2-3 minutes, 24/7 and even in the event of a power failure. If you have low batteries or a broken link the problem is reported on the HA360's screen. 
This is the first signaling system to have virtually unlimited range. There is up to 1,000 ft range between a transmitter and the HA360. Add additional HomeAware deluxe receivers or HomeAware basic receivers to extend the range another 1,000 ft from the new receiver.

Features of the HA360 Main Unit:

  • Choose to be alerted by any or all: 110dB alarm, powerful bed shaker and bright strobe
  • Scrolling text is much easier to read across the room than icons typically used on receivers
  • Monitoring of low batteries and broken links between HA360 and transmitters
  • 1,000 ft range with an additional 1,000 ft per extra receiver
  • USB port for a charging cell phone
  • Automatic dimmer, dual alarm and snooze functions on alarm clock
  • Caller ID for landline and videophone calls
  • USB plug charges your cell phone while you sleep
  • Water resistant doorbell transmitter can be hardwired into existing A/C powered chime or used as a doorbell button
  • Battery Back-up for receiving alerts and full clock operation (requires 5 AA batteries—not included)
  • Link up to 15 transmitters and receivers to the HA360M Main Unit

Already have the Sonic Alert Traditional Signaling System? The HomeAware will work with your existing receivers!

  SonicBridge links the HA360 Main unit with any Sonic Alert Traditional System remote receiver (BL300, SA201, SA-101, RH100 and SB1000 clock). 

How to Set-Up HomeAware: