Sonic Alert HA360 HomeAware Door/Phone/Clock Master Signaling System

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The HA360 Master Package incorporates supervised safety, security and peace of mind. Each time a transmitter sends a signal, text will scroll by on the HA360M Main Unit's screen that displays the alert, such as “DOOR”, “PHONE”, etc. 

  • Transmitter Alerts Scroll on Screen
  • Low Battery/Broken Link Monitoring
  • Virtually Unlimited Range
  • Compatible with Sonic Alert HomeAware & Traditional Receivers (with SonicBridge—sold separately)
  • Includes HA360M Main Unit, Doorbell Transmitter & Bed Shaker

The HA360 Master Package will alert you to landline/videophone calls, doorbell and is a fully functional alarm clock.

Add optional transmitters to be alerted to events like smartphone, smoke/CO and baby cry.

Add optional HomeAware deluxe receivers , HomeAware basic receivers , or HomeAware Blink Multi-Color LED Receivers to be alerted in every room of your home! 

Never worry about missing an alert! The revolutionary TruAlert™ D-RF monitoring technology checks your system every 2-3 minutes, 24/7 and even in the event of a power failure. If you have low batteries or a broken link the problem is reported on the HA360M's screen. 
This is the first signaling system to have virtually unlimited range. There is up to 1,000 ft range between a transmitter and the HA360M. Add additional HomeAware deluxe receivers or HomeAware basic receivers to extend the range another 1,000 ft from the new receiver.

Features of the HA360M Main Unit:

  • Choose to be alerted by any or all: 110dB alarm, powerful bed shaker and bright strobe
  • Scrolling text is much easier to read across the room than icons typically used on receivers
  • Monitoring of low batteries and broken links between HA360M and transmitters
  • 1,000 ft range with an additional 1,000 ft per extra receiver
  • USB port for a charging cell phone
  • Automatic dimmer, dual alarm and snooze functions on alarm clock
  • Caller ID for landline and videophone calls
  • USB plug charges your cell phone while you sleep
  • Water resistant doorbell transmitter can be hardwired into existing A/C powered chime or used as a doorbell button
  • Battery Back-up for receiving alerts and full clock operation (requires 5 AA batteries—not included)
  • Link up to 15 transmitters and receivers to the HA360M Main Unit

Already have the Sonic Alert Traditional Signaling System? The HomeAware will work with your existing receivers!

SonicBridge/Lamp Switch SonicBridge links the HA360M Main unit with any Sonic Alert Traditional System remote receiver (BL300, SA201, SA-101, RH100 and SB1000 clock). 

How to Set-Up HomeAware: