Sonic Alert HA360 HomeAware Door/Phone/Clock Master Signaling System

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The HA360M-II Master Package incorporates supervised safety, security and peace of mind. Each time a transmitter sends a signal, text will scroll by on the HA360M-II Main Unit's screen that displays the alert, such as “DOOR”, “PHONE”, etc. 

  • Transmitter Alerts Scroll on Screen
  • Low Battery/Broken Link Monitoring
  • Virtually Unlimited Range
  • Compatible with Sonic Alert HomeAware & Traditional Receivers (with SonicBridge—sold separately)
  • Includes HA360 Main Unit, Doorbell Transmitter & Bed Shaker

The HA360 Master Unit will alert you to landline/videophone calls, doorbell and is a fully functional alarm clock.

Add optional transmitters to be alerted to events like smartphone, smoke/CO and baby cry. Add additional Doorbell/Multi-Purpose Transmitters for additional doors, motion detection, a "help / SOS" button, or as a replacement doorbell transmitter.

Add optional HomeAware deluxe receivers , HomeAware basic receivers , HomeAware Blink Multi-Color LED Receivers , or a HomeAware Portable Vibrating Pager (wearable) to be alerted in other areas of your home! 


There is no other alerting system like the HomeAware HA360M-II. The TruAlert RF technology & mesh network monitor your system every 2-3 minutes to ensure all components are communicating with each other. A built-in smoke / carbon monoxide listener notifies you immediately if one of your home's existing smoke / CO detectors is activated, and the dual alarm clock can be used for your daily morning wake up. HomeAware® II even has the capability* to send alerts to you or other contacts outside the home via smartphone notifications.



  • Mesh Network ensures constant communication
  • Dual alarm clock with adjustable alarm and snooze duration
  • Bright digital scrolling alert display
  • Voice alert notifications
  • Ultra bright strobe light
  • Caller ID for incoming landline calls
  • Built in smart phone transmitter scrolls name and numbers on display of incoming calls
  • Easy setup app for smart phones
  • USB charger for smartphones
  • Integrated Smoke / CO Listener with sensitivity adjustment
  • Works with your weather radio and home security system
  • Wi-Fi allows you to send notifications to you and/or loved ones outside your home*
  • Automatic rechargeable battery
  • Over 20 individual alerts possible


* Requires additional paid subscription, expected to be launched October 2023.