Sonic Alert HomeAware Doorbell / Multi-Purpose Transmitter

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This versatile transmitter can be programmed to send many different alerts to the HomeAware HA360 Main Unit. Use it for additional doors, motion detection, a "help / SOS" button, or as a replacement doorbell transmitter for the HA360.

Each Doorbell / Multi-Purpose Transmitter can be programmed to alert you to one of seven different events. When linking the transmitter to the HA360 Main Unit, you can choose for the scrolling text to read one of the following options:

  • DOOR, FTDOOR, BKDOOR, DOOR3 or DOOR4: The transmitter can be wired into an existing A/C powered chime box or can be used as a stand-alone wireless doorbell button. Program multiple doorbell transmitters so you know which specific door your visitors are at.
  • HELP: Press the button on the transmitter and the scrolling text "help" will be displayed. Great for getting the attention of someone else in the house.
  • MOTION or BRGLAR: Connect to a home alarm system and have the scrolling text display "MOTION" or "BRGLAR" when the alarm triggers
  • STORM: Connect to any National Weather Alert Radio and the scrolling text "storm" will be displayed for any severe weather (see accessories for radio)


  • Compact footprint and minimalistic appearance
  • Door / open / close selection easy-switch design
  • 3.5mm connection with open wire
  • Red flashing notification light
  • Battery backup (batteries included)