Sonic Alert HomeAware HA360US Universal Sound Transmitter

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Picks up a specific monitored sound and sends an alert signal to HomeAware main unit and/or remote receivers. Three sensitivity levels; HI, MED, LOW

The HA360US Universal Sound Transmitter alerts you to everyday sounds by transmitting a wireless signal to the HomeAware Main Unit and remote receivers located in other rooms.  Examples are: the intercom is activated, your baby is crying, the kitchen timer goes off, the garage door opens, an alarm for a medical device activates or your dog is barking. Once triggered the Universal Sound Transmitter will send a transmission throughout the HomeAware system installed and a red light will start flashing.  On the main unit, the specific alert you have set up to monitor will scroll the alarm word that has been detected, such as MDALERT, INTCOM, PET, KITCH, DRVWY, BABY.  The sensitivity setting switch  allows you to program the HA360US to pick-up exactly what you prefer via three levels; HI to pick up many sounds and the most sensitive setting. MED for lesser sounds and less sensitivity and LO for the least sensitivity of all.  If needed, you can move the signaler closer to the sound source.


  • Picks up and alerts to important sounds around the home
  • Two-step easy install
  • Three sensitivity levels