Sonic Alert HA360SS-SC HomeAware Smoke/CO2 Transmitter

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Rest easy knowing that you will be alerted if your smoke or CO detector goes off. Whenever a Smoke or CO alarm is activated this transmitter will send a signal to the HA360M Master Unit.

Place the Smoke/CO Transmitter near a detector and it will listen for the T3 alarm sound from a smoke detector and the T4 sound from a CO detector. Once one of your detectors goes off, it sends a signal to the HA360M Main Unit, which will scroll “SMOKE” or “CO” across the screen depending on the emergency.


  • Signal sent to HA360M distinguishes between a T3 (smoke) or T4 (CO) alarm
  • If you have an older detector model that does not have a T4/T3 alarm, “ALERT” will scroll across the HA360M's screen
  • Purchasing a transmitter for each alarm in your home is recommended
  • Battery back-up (9V battery not included)
  • Includes AC Adapter

How to Set-Up: