SquareGlow Body-Worn Vibrating Receiver

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    • A portable, vibrating & ringtone receiver which wirelessly alerts the wearer to the doorbell, phone or VP.
  • Can also be used for getting the attention of the wearer by the press of a button.


SquareGlow Vibrating Receiver is recommended for individuals with deaf/blindness or a visual impairment.

Once the receiver is paired to any SquareGlow transmitter, the wearer will be made aware of their activation by vibration and/or a ringtone.  Select one of 52 ringtones which will emit up to a 115 decibel alert. This clip-on vibrating receiver unit is worn by the user on a belt or in a pocket.  The receiver can also be used to get the attention of the wearer by an individual pressing the accessory doorbell button.